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Hamish was  an award-winning fireman,

who at the time worked at one of the busiest fire houses on the eastern seaboard of the United States of America. As a fireman and junior officer, Hamish was at the peak of his powers on the fire grounds, with an entire career in front of him when on one fateful morning on Halloween 2005, disaster struck, and his fire truck crashed responding to an emergency call.

While members of his team emerged from the accident with minor injuries, Hamish had fractured his back requiring 6 pins to be inserted and facing a 24-month rehabilitation and recovery time forever changing his life. His full recovery has become a heroic an inspirational story of hope, grit, determination and perseverance.

Work with Hamish to learn more, to be inspired and to accomplish the goals and dreams that you thought were not possible or attainable for only others. Go on an extraordinary journey to reach your fullest life and career potential.

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Hamish Brewer is a globally recognized award-winning leader, educator, speaker /storyteller, consultant, advocate and coach who loves to help people connect to living their most passionate purposeful life and reaching their full career potential.


Life does not give us a handout. In life we will face obstacles and hurdles and they don’t need to stop us from living and working our most passionate, purposeful life.

Hamish is a leader who hasn’t just talked the talk – he has walked the walk and done the work. He has succeeded and achieved results in critical situations where no one thought possible.

Work with Hamish today to drive your success, improve your results, lift your team and personal self to heights you have only dreamed of – make those dreams a reality today.

If you are ready to take your life, career or team to the next level – start today by going on an extraordinary journey, collaborating with Hamish today!