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Hamish is one of the most successful, dynamic and sought-after speakers in the nation and around the world. He has inspired and motivated educators, businesses and corporate groups from all sectors, helping to amplify their voice and elevate their impact both in their personal and work life.

Hamish loves the flexibility of doing virtual appearances and the format is interactive, highly engaging and personalized resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Personalize your experience.
Working side by side with his client and partners is one of Hamish’s calling cards that he takes pride in customizing your experience. He welcomes your ideas, suggestions and topics – partnering with you to deliver the most extortionary experience possible for your organization, audience and stakeholders.

Key Topics Include:

Sometimes you have to hear the things you don’t want to hear in order to move forward, to be better and to get results. Hamish will take you on a hard-hitting journey that will challenge to rethink your practices, to disrupt the norm and change the game. Find out if you have or are willing to go one more round, if you’re willing to advocate for every single stakeholder. Find out if you’re willing to take your organization to the next level.

Organizational Improvement
Hamish Brewer an award-winning leader and school turnaround expert who has turned around multiple schools – both at the elementary and secondary levels, working with some of the most at risk students in America. Hamish will share his secrets to his organizational success with not only research best practices but also through the effect practices he has implemented. Improve your culture, your practices and processes – and get results!

Is your organization suffering from a toxic environment? Do you need to uplift the environment before its too late, do you want to turn your results around? Let’s move beyond status que and disrupt the norm. The Hamish will help you reignite the magic of your organization with authentic and relevant experiences that you can put into practice right now!

Are you an aspiring leader, a new leader or a leader who just wants to rethink the work you are doing? Hamish will provide a session that will walk you through how to get it right from the beginning and ensure you do not fall into the trap of making mistakes you cannot rebound from. Come on a journey that will help grow and develop your leadership skill set from talking to others, decision making, and building a vision and mission that helps create an award-winning organization.

Community Engagement
Are you engaging your stakeholders as well as you could? Hamish will help you reflect, identify, build and execute a plan to engage your stakeholders like never before, delivering on increasing participation, partnership and community collectivity that will last.

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“Let me say this. he was one of the best speakers I have ever heard in my 16 years in education. I have nothing but positive reviews and comments from my schools. He was unbelievable!”

Lee Jacobs, Assistant Superintendent – Dothan City

“Hamish Brewer is a dynamic speaker, motivator, and leader. He brought an energy to the Digital Learning Conference that will forever be difficult to emulate. The buzz that was created when we announced him as our speaker was continued throughout the course of the day and on social media far into the evening after his speech. We couldn’t have been happier with his message, passion, and determination to inspire people to be the best for the students and communities that they work with.”

Michael Urbanik Coordinator Instructional Technology – Gwinnett County Public Schools Instructional Support Center

“High Energy, Great Message, Powerful Impact That’s what Hamish brought to our Leadership Conference! District leadership, School leadership & teams are still raving about him! One of the best speakers we’ve had. He has inspired us to be more and do more! Big Impact!”

Anne Arundel Public Schools, MD

“Very applicable to all levels of education, connected to the audience well, very relatable, real, can talk about real-life experiences that happened within the past 24 hours, and teachers are still talking about him and his message. More than anything we truly appreciated the adjustments in airfare and hotel to make sure we had the opportunity to see him.”

Kimberley Walters, Principal – Blair Oaks R-II

“Our experience with Hamish was nothing short of phenomenal! Hamish shares his living, breathing experiences in the present. He is a practitioner, so what he speaks of is relevant and meaningful. Hamish is in the business of working with students, families, and educators to create opportunity for all, engage with all, and fulfill a commitment to all. He lives his beliefs as an educator, and challenges the norm. If your staff is in need of a reminder as to what their laser focused goal is as an educator, I recommend none other than Hamish Brewer. His thought provoking, engaging and compassionate message is wrapped in a triple shot of adrenaline; topped off with a double espresso! Buckle up, enjoy the ride, and make a difference in the lives of all children as Hamish does!”

Dr. Douglas A. Wood, Superintendent – Ball-Chatham CUSD #5

“You knocked it out of the park and we don’t know how we will ever be able to top your presentation. We appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our attendees. Your willingness to share your time, energy and support is greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting you and again, many thanks for your time and effort.”

Sally Smith, Executive Director – Alabama Association of School Boards

“Our event with Hamish was phenomenal. He was the most down to earth keynote we have had. We appreciate his willingness to be super involved throughout the conference experience.”

April Briscoe – The Advancing Improvement In Education Conference (AIE)

“Your support and participation at this year’s convention will have a lasting impact on those that we entrust to make a difference in the lives of many children all over the state. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to address the school board members and superintendents.”

Gwen J. Hampton, Director of Leadership Development – South Carolina School Boards Association

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known as the...

Tattooed, Skateboarding Principal

edgy, urban, raw, authentic, and real

Hamish Brewer (aka the Tattooed Skateboarding Principal) grew up in a home disrupted by poverty, addiction, and family dysfunction. He understands the feelings of fear, lostness, and desperation that overwhelm too many children today—because that was his life. That experience is what drives him to work relentlessly to empower people living in the toughest areas to envision and create a better future for themselves.


With millions of views to date, follow the Freethink Docuseries to watch how Principal Hamish Brewer is turning around schools and disrupting the educational norm.


Hamish is a highly sought after Keynote Speaker all around the world, he loves the opportunity to impact people and make a difference – this is what he does and this is what he is passionate about!


Disrupt the norm. That is the challenge Hamish, a Nationally Distinguished Principal, calls educators, students, families, and communities to accept.


Hamish is a highly sought after Keynote Speaker all around the world, he loves the opportunity to impact people and make a difference – this is what he does and this is what he is passionate about!