School Improvement Workshops

If you want to help grow your school and get results then here is your opportunity to work with to of the very best in education today, bring two award wining educators into your school or school division right now!

Both Hamish and Andy can work directly with your teachers, schools, leadership teams and school division to tailor workshops to meet your current needs. Receive real time feedback, analysis, observation and intervention through authentic, relevant and real practices, advice and processes that you can implement right now!

We will work right alongside you in a collective collaborative environment to help bring immediate return in results and feedback. It starts by working alongside your teachers, administrators and school leaders to identify and target your needs and provide informed decision making processes and practices ready for implementation.

Our will find our workshops fun, engaging, informative and real!

Explore ways to identify, improve and grow in:

  • Professional Learning Comminutes
  • Best Instructional Practices
  • Data and Assessment
  • Literacy and Math Improvement
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Principal Workshops
  • Teacher Workshops
  • Mission And Vision
  • School Culture
  • Social Media

Way wait – lets go!

Contact us right now through my contact page or directly at

Hamish Brewer – Nationally Distinguished Principal, Nationally Distinguished Title One School Award Winner, Virginia Principal of the Year, School Improvement Expert, Final Year Virginia Tech Doctoral Student

Andy Jacks – Nationally Distinguished Principal, Virginia Principal of Year, School Improvement Expert, Final Year Virginia Tech Doctoral Student